Sunday, February 20, 2005

Real Blogging Secrets...

The shooting war is about to start on the battleground of topsearch engine rankings...

And at the center of the flying bullets is Stephen Pierce, famed author of The Whole Truth, Secrets of Creating Wealth and the creator of Smart Pages. But Stephen isn't the guy with the bulls-eye painted on his chest- not yet.

This is about a full court press conspiracy to silence his brother Thomas from revealing the insider secrets that can attract traffic to your website without lifting a finger.

"They" want to stop him from revealing the secret shortcut to high rankings and "real" targeted traffic without spending a dime on pay-per-clicks or fooling around with complicated optimization strategies.

Look, everyone's talking about Blogging but no one is showing how you can make serious money with websites that literally write themselves and elbow their way into the coveted top ten Google rankings.

Thomas has been a member of the "secret online underground" where the serious money is made. These are the guys who out think, out smart, and out maneuver the rest of the pack. But us little guys never get inside their heads… until now. They've gone over the top to make sure these secrets never see the light of day…

Recently, Webster's Dictionary reported a 4 letter word B-L-O-G was the word of the year. That maybe so but more than 99% of the internet *gurus* have got it dead wrong.

Just check out the whole story at How 2 Blog and next year, your own word of the year will have 4 letters too: C-A-S-H

Listen, if you miss out on this, your competition is going to walk all over you. Or you can get on board now and become one of the pitbulls of the internet.

Your success starts now:

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