Saturday, February 05, 2005

Marketing Wisdom for 2005

Here's some rock-solid, real-life, business research we all need to digest and apply to our own businesses.

(Direct PDF Download - Right Click/Save As)

105 Marketers & Agencies Share Real-Life Tips

Note: This report comes out once a year from MarketingSherpa. I mentioned them in a message to my newsletter subscribers a few months back as being one of the best sites around for marketers.

Download and read it with highlighter in hand. It contains valuable insights on what’s working and what’s not working - including:
  • Part 1: Email Marketing
  • Part 2: Search Marketing
  • Part 3: Site Design & Conversion Tactics
  • Part 4: Advertising (Online and Off)
  • Part 5: Direct (Postal) Mail
  • Part 6: General Advice
  • Part 7: B-to-B Marketing
  • Part 8: PR & Blogging

and much, much more. Great stuff…