Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Easy Millions! Oh C'mon Now – Really?

Well… Maybe I'm Dreamin'... But I’ve just gotta share this with you. Yes, there actually ARE people making large sums of money on the internet in some non-traditional, powerful and very interesting ways.

I have always been sort of a sucker for "Get Rich Quick" stuff, so naturally, I've been "burned" (more than once) in the past. Today, I tend to check things out quite thoroughly before I make any decisions. Keep in mind that few things are guaranteed, but while I was doing my due diligence on this deal (you need to do the same)… what I found was – quite frankly – shocking!!

The world truly has changed. Read on…

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This Internet Income System is in a League all its Own ... Truly

I am introducing you to my top earning recommendation... by far.

It's called "Your Money Machine Success System" (YMMSS for short).

And no, it is NOT a money doubler type of program. It's far better than that, because unlike doublers (which can only last a short while before they stop working – that's a known fact based on their business model), YMMSS is designed to last for a very, very long time. In fact, for many generations, says the CEO/owner/creator, Kim Inman.

I spent an hour on the telephone with Kim just a few months back. And... Well...
Did I join the program? You bet I did! And you probably will too.

YMMSS is an Internet Advertising Program that pays its private members generous commissions for reading advertisements. Commissions are paid "per cycle" (cycle times vary based on several factors).

Members qualify to get paid by reading ads at the company's site (inside the member's area). How much they are paid is determined by how many positions they own on the income ladder.

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Why YMMSS Will Continue to Generate Income for Years to Come

1) It's built on a legitimate product with a clear and strong commercial value – that product is online advertising, and the demand is growing, and the revenues to successful online advertising companies are growing as a result.

2) The business plan – a straight line matrix. I like to think of it as an income ladder. No downlines to build. Just get on board and the combined efforts of all the members means your name continues up to the top of the ladder, which is where you get paid. Of course, you can own as many positions on the ladder as you like, and get paid for every one of them. That's what I am doing and it's already working brilliantly. (I am still pinching myself.)

3) YMMSS has multiple sources of income – they are not just redistributing new money to earlier members. 'First in' does not mean 'earn most' with this business model.

4) The integrity of its designer/owner, Mr. Kim Inman.

5) The remarkable community of members which Kim has attracted.

6) Proven performance, with no missed payments – it was established mid 2002, so there is a substantial track record here. Member testimonials galore certify this to be true.

7) Huge plans for continued worldwide expansion into multiple languages, and other business developments to ensure and enhance the longevity and prosperity of the company and all its members. (This is not just an online entity – It's becoming a huge, global company.)

All of these are solid reasons why I differentiate this company
from all other internet income businesses.

Again... Do Your Own Due Diligence

And don't just give this thing a quick "once over" and make any snap judgements. If you pass this over now... you are going to be kicking yourself down the road. Take the time and get to know everything about this – learn the history – visit the forum – exchange messages with current members – even talk with a few members over the phone.

Then... you let me know if I'm crazy or not! : - )

Access to lots of extremely useful resources you'll need to make a truly informed and sound business decision about YMMSS are all located right here.

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