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"Moving From Vision To Action"

TURN all your dreams into Reality
though the six levels of success

How To Succeed In EVERY Area
Of Your Life. 100% Guaranteed

Moving From Vision To Action - Emmanuel SEGUI"Moving From Vision To Action" is a guide on how to take you personal and professional life to a whole new level. "Moving from Vision To Action" will give you a lot of NLP techniques to overcome fear, set clear goals, lose weight, develop your creativity, build strong relationship of trust with your customers and give you motivation.

It is sometimes hard to understand and apply all the tools and techniques presented in this ebook, and you will need to read some passages twice to really integrate some principles, but when you try only one of these techniques, you want to know more, because it works. I really like the Meta YES/NO pattern. It is a powerful tool to get rid of our fears and limiting beliefs. And it is FAST. That's the big point. Most of the tools will really change your perception of a bad experience in a matter of minutes.

Emmanuel SEGUI is a NLP meta-master practionner He is a writer and uses his knowledge to help families and children improve their lives. He inspires people to enhance their performance capabilities, become entrepreneur and build businesses.

NLP is known to have the #1 life changing tools and techniques. NLP has helped thousands of people throughout the world, particularly in the field of communication and change management. Most people consider neuro-linguistic programming as one of the most powerful method for deep and lasting change.

What you will get when you order "Moving From Vision To Action"

1. A 132 pages ebook in PDF format

2. A 19 page sample of the ebook to give to your friends
and family, completely FREE of charge

3. A FREE Mini-course "Only 5 steps to create the life
you want." Discover 5 powerful secrets to take your
life to a new level.

4. "21 secrets of Self Made Millionnaires"
by Brian Tracy, one of the greatest mind of our time.

5. The international best-seller "You were Born Rich"
by Bob Proctor.

6. The timeless classic "As a Man Thinketh" by
James Allen.

7. The science of getting rich" by Wallace D. Wattles.
This is THE prospeity book you should have to build and
attract wealth in your life.

8. A 30 day unconditional risk-free guarantee.

And Emmanuel has included SEVEN super Bonuses
for a short period of time.

9. Special Bonus #1 "A call with Jack Canfield to live
a happier and more successful life" (mp3) (value $395)

10. Special Bonus #2 "The Success Principles"
by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer (value $47)

11. Special Bonus #3 "Five Steps To Personal Power"
(value $29)

12. Special Bonus #4 "The Power Of Motivation"
by Micheal Bolduc (value $34)

13. Special Bonus #5 "The Road of Wealth: Secrets to
Achieving Your Dreams" by Robert G. Allen (value $24)

14. Special Bonus #6 The Persuasion Mastery Series (value

These series contains very good mp3 audio files regarding
the field of the psychology of money and other pdf products
like "Small Business Mastery Ebook". This is a how-to
manual that will explode your success and mastery of
your home based business.

15. Special Bonus #7 "Spiritual Marketing:
A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from
the Inside Out" by Dr. Joe Vitale, the famous #1 copywriter
on the net.. and in the world. (value $27)

This golden mine of information is a must-have for
all who want to get more out of their life.

All this is available for only $39.95 It's hard to imagine a
more comprehensive resource for improving your life in a
matter of minutes.

What will "Moving From Vision To Action" bring you:

" Moving From Vision To Action " and Emmanuel's
expertise takes you step by step on the process of defining
the vision and purpose in your life.
He helps you bring
true power into your life.

For NLPers, you will instantly recognize the 6 logical levels,
developed by Robert Dilts and how Emmanuel uses this model
to help you realize that you can achieve your dreams, get
rid of your fears and live in total harmony with your core

In the first chapter, he explains the different BIG reasons
why a vision, or a dream, is the fundamental and essential
component of your future success. He then let you define
the vision/dream of your life.

Each following chapter is dedicated to one level (mission, beliefs
and values, strategies, behaviors and actions). At the end
of each chapter there is an exercise where you can define
your missions, beliefs, values, strategies and behaviors
in harmony with your vision.

The whole purpose of this book is to identify your vision and
to help you be,believe and behave in accordance with your
highest dreams and core values so you can feel peace in
your heart and rich in your life.

Emmanuel SEGUI outlined 6 points about the power of
the vision in your life:

1. A sense of vision will give you a reason, a purpose for
a living.

2. A vision establishes credibility for your business because,
right or wrong, a strong compelling vision will drive customers
to you.

3. A vision gives you motivation and inspire you to overcome
obstacles you surely find on your road to excellence.

4. A vision, and a life built around it, will influence
your behaviours and your attitudes, which will inflluence
people who watch you.

5. A vision will help you build trust with your customers.

Actually, what you want is persuading and influencing,
you want long term relationships and the only way to do
that is by defining a crystal clear vision of your business.

6. The defining of a vision will bring you peace
and a sense of direction in your personal and family life.

What is powerful is that the strategies explained in
" Moving From Vision To Action " can be applied
to EVERY erea of your life.
For example, so many companies
provide programs and very expensive products for weigth
loss but this ebook will give you all the tools necessary
to overcome eating disorders, and weight loss problems.
"Moving From Vision To Action" will teach you
how to have a compelling "reason why" you
want to lose weight. A lot of NLP patterns will help you
in seconds to say NO! to food and to build a winning mindset
of an effective "Slim and fit" person.

These proven strategies can give you the right tools for you to
become a millionaire, to increase your sales by
100%, to raise happy children
and to build strong
relationship of trust
with your peers, family and customers.

Hopefully Emmanuel will produce another ebook that breaks down even
more proven secrets to make you into a person you always

" Moving From Vision To Action " is highly
recommended without reservation.

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